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Grandma Ginny™
Charity Fundraising Program

If your IRS approved tax exempt, nonprofit organization would like to raise funds using CDs from the Grandma Ginny™ America’s History Lady™ REAL American History Series, please send a letter (not email) on the letterhead of the organization requesting participation in the Grandma Ginny™ Charity Fund raising program to:  

Grandma Ginny™ Charity Fundraising Program
P.O. Box 6626
McLean, VA 22106 -6626

Be sure to include the IRS tax exempt number and Mission Statement of the requesting organization and have the letter signed by a current Officer of the organization and provide the title the Officer has with the requesting organization. Also include a current email address, and  office phone number where the Officer can be contacted and the best times to contact. You are most welcome to include additional information.

Please understand the Letter of Request with all of the information MUST be received before advancing the program with the requesting organization.

Grandma Ginny™ looks forward to helping with your charity fundraising.


Grandpa Tom


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