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If you are traveling to the, "State of the Week," and are interested in learning what is available to you in the way of annual historic celebrations, just click on the state(s) you will visit and select the month(s) you will visit. There you will find a list of fun and exciting annual historical celebrations along with contact information.

Dates and times of some celebrations are subject to change so always contact the representative of the event before you go. Contact information is provided for each event.

The states in "State of the Week" will not necessarily be featured in alphabetical order but by annual historical celebrations that happem that  week per information we receive from official managers of the jurisdictions involved.

If you would like to learn more about historical events in any of the states you might want to visit Grandma Ginny's Gift Shop to learn if one of the American history CDs produced by Americas History Lady™, is what you need. Click HERE to go to the Gift Shop.

This column will also provide space for you to share the experience you had during your visit to the historical sites you select. Send your email to:


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Bary Stahl NPS

National Park Ranger, Barry Stahl, (L) and
Americas History Lady™ (R).

Alexandria, Virginia


Acorns from the famous 600 year old Salem Oak Tree, Salem New Jersey were collected from under the Salem Oak by Grandma Ginny Americas History Lady™. The historic event was organized in Salem by the Salem County Historical Society. A few days later Grandma Ginny presented two containers of the Salem Oak acorns to National Park Ranger, Barry Stahl, National Park Service Horticulturalist for the George Washington Memorial Parkway. Ranger Stahl agreed to tend the acorns in the National Park Service greenhouse, shown in the photo above, and at the appropriate time transfer the saplings to a place of honor on the George Washington Memorial Parkway.

Those of you who have been following the story will be delighted to learn that due to the professional care provided by Ranger Stahl, the acorns for which he has been caring since October 2010 have taken root and are starting to grow.  A few are shown in the photo below.

Acorn Sprouts



The “new” Salem Oak progeny will replace the Salem Oak progeny that were part of the 1937 planting for the Sesquicentennial of the signing of the U.S. Constitution. The progeny were part of the 3 tree donations from each of the states representing the 13 original colonies. According to the National Park Service, the trees were planted directly across the Parkway from Theodore Roosevelt Island on what used to be an embankment, but is now part of I-66 and part giant retaining wall; probably somewhere from the current pedestrian bridge area south to exit to Theodore Roosevelt Bridge. Sadly, they are no more as they were removed to make way for I-66.

America’s History Lady, with the help of the NPS, will arrange to receive progeny from famous trees in the remaining 12 colonies (states) and present them to Ranger Stahl so that famous trees from all 13 original colonies will again be represented in a special spot along what is now the George Washington Memorial Parkway, previously known as the Mount Vernon Memorial Parkway.

Americas History Lady wishes to thank Matthew Virta, National Park Services Cultural Resources Manager, and Ranger Stahl, for supporting this project. Thanks are also in order for the Salem County Historic Society, and the Friends Meeting,  both of Salem, who co--sponsored the “Gathering of the Salem Oak Acorns”. Not to be forgotten, thanks to the children in Salem, NJ who helped America’s History Lady gather the acorns for this historic project. Photos of 3 of the children with Grandma Ginny can be found on the New Jersey page. Just click on the New Jersey button in the left column.

America's History Lady will provide a regular report on the progress of the project so please check back often.

Click on New Jersey button in left column for more of the story and photos.

Click on the Salem Oak Tree in the photo gallery above far right to learn the Story of the Salem Oak.



As this section develops you will find information on current news relating to American history such as which historic locations are being improved, expanded, closed for the season or opened to visitors. Updates on archalogical digs at historic locations. If you have information relating to American history that you belive would be of interest to our website visitors please send it to:


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Grandma Ginny Americas
History Lady

George Washington
First President of the United States

George Washington

Americas History lady asks, "Don't most

people celebrate their birthday on their actual

birthday? "So", she continues, "why do we diminish

the memory of our nation's first president by turning

his birthday into nothing more that a three-day



Americas History Lady will ask that legislation be

introduced in the new Congress to

reestablish the official federal holiday

commemorating George Washington's birthday -

February 22 - instead of the third Monday in

February, which is commonly referred to as

President's Day. This suggested legislation

is supported by George Washington's Mount Vernon

Estate and a number of Washington scholars and

historians, including David McCullough,

Richard Brookhiser and Ron Chernow.


Jim Rees, who recently stepped down as president of

Mount Vernon, and is now deceased, gave a simple reason for the bill:


"Today many states, the media, advertisers and the

general public have abandoned recognition of

Washington's Birthday and replaced it with a

commercial 'shopping holiday' that leaves American

history and patriotism by the side of the road. The

holiday was far more meaningful when it revolved

around George Washington and schools were able

to focus on his sterling example of character and

leadership. We look forward to the day, when once

again, February 22, is marked by patriotic festivities

and lessons about George Washington, which can teach and inspire American leaders of today and tomorrow.


Americas History Lady supports this patriotic effort and if you agree that George Washington's birthday should be celebrated on George Washington's birthday she asks you to please call your local representative and support this suggested legislation.



Americas History Lady

" American History Teaches

Personal Responsibility"




Minuteman Minute


The Minuteman Minute
is a 60 second streaming video response by America’s History
Lady™ to questions relating to American History circa 1607 AD
to 1900 AD. The Minuteman Minute
will be availble soon at which point you would
click on the Minuteman Minute streaming video screen in this space for access. Meanwhile you
are welcome to send
your Minuteman
Minute questions to GrandmaGinny@



Historic Homes in America.
History Lives Here!


Historic Homes is a favorite Grandma Ginny page. If you own a historic home and would like to have it featured on the Grandma Ginny site please follow the  nstructions on the Historic Homes page.


Grandma Ginny™ loves historic homes not only
because of their architecture but because of the great American history stories about the homes and those who built them. 


If you become a regular visitor to our American
History Lady™ website you will learn that Grandma
Ginny invites those who own properties of
historical significance to provide photos of their
property and to write about the history of the property.


Contact us before you send photos or write your story so we can determined together when would be the best time to include your information, and so we can provide the technical details you will need to submit your story. Lets communicate about your historic property.

Contact us at:


Military History

As this site progresses Grandma Ginny will add a
section entirely dedicated to American military history. The section will be added in honor of those in the military, who made history and helped to make
American the great country it is.


Many of the stories will be written by those who
actually fought in the wars about which they write.
Many of the stories cannot be told in one column and
so will be continued from week to week.



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History is the Gift that Keeps on Giving.



The screen above is reserved for our video series,
Caretakers of American History™.

You will soon be able to click HERE and listen to the podcast of, Take the Mystery out of History™  with America's History Lady.  This is the audio version of our vidio series, Caretakers of American History.™

Both productions include articles, or discussions
involving authors of books about American history,  visits with the National Park Service,  curators of history museums, directors of programs relating to historic preservation; and those in official  offices responsible for alerting you to annual celebrations and other events relating to American history in their jurisdictions.



Americas History Lady will soon announce the date of the publication of her new book,
"1776 Historic Places to Visit in America...

and their stories.

Please watch this space for more information.



Project for All America!


The Tree project America's History Lady developed with the National Park Service (NPS) and the 13 "Original" colonies (please see story to the left of this page) is so popular she decided to expand the project to encourage private citizens to contact her about trees they have, of any type, that are over 100 years old. If you have a tree, or know of someone who has a tree, or know where there is a tree, over 100 years old and would like to help pass it to future generations to enjoy, please send an email to: with
information about the tree(s) and its location, (state, county,city/town) and of your interest in providing progenies from the tree(s) and you will receive a reply informing you how America's History Lady will help you to proceed.

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Ben Franklin's Rules will beof interest to
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In fact,

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Americas History Lady has developed
another Americas History Lady approved web
site to provide authors, historians, educators
and serious historybuffs who contact her, with
a place to share their ideas and discuss with
each other the facts and fiction about
American history.

What You Know
What You Think You Know

What You Don't Know
What You Don't Know You Don't Know
What You Want to Know...
about the people, places and events
that made America great.

The site also provides invited historic sites in America with space to keep the public current
on that which is happening at their site each  month.

Be sure to access the American History Club
for Kids section. Membership for youth 6-17
years old is free and members are invited to submit their stories, articles and comments
about American history for posting on the
American History Club for Kids pages.

Americas History Lady Arranges for An Original Letter, Signed by Nellie Custis, Granddaughter of Martha Washington, to be Donated to
Mount Vernon

Americas History Lady made the arrangements for a valuable original letter signed by Nellie Custis, granddaughter of Martha Washington, to be donated to George Washington's Mount Vernon Estate and Gardens by Ms. A. Williams. Directly below is a photo of Stewart McLaurin, then Mount Vernon Vice President, accepting the framed letter from Ms. Williams at a ceremony at Mount Vernon.
Mt Vernon Custis let Allaire

Below is a photo of Nellie Custis and the letter. beautifully framed.
Custis Let

Below is a photo of the back of the frame containing historical data relating to the letter exhibited on the front of the frame.

Custis Let bk side of frame

The donation is exhibited in the $47 million dollar Fred W. Smith National Library for the Study of George Washington located on a 15 acre site within walking distance of Washington's home. It will house more than 15,000 items including 2,500 rare 18th and 19th century books, 87 books that were owned by Washington, and 500 letters, ledgers, and account books that bear George Washington's writing or signature


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